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Wondering what a cavity looks like?

Wondering what a cavity looks like? Here are a couple of recent cases that show what we see every day doing fillings. Small cavities like these are best visualized with x-rays. By the time we can see cavities by just looking at the teeth, they usually need more than just a filling, resulting in a crown, root canal, or even extraction. This is why it's so important to check teeth regularly with x-rays and take care of cavities when they are small. With our beautiful tooth-colored fillings,...

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Head and Neck Exam

Every time a patient comes in for a check up at North Creek Family Dentistry, Dr. Cattle performs a head and neck exam. This quick assessment is finished so fast you may not even remember it. However, this exam is absolutely critical to a thorough, holistic check-up. Here are some of the things we are assessing. The first part of the head and neck exam is the extraoral part, including all the areas outside your mouth. Dr. Cattle checks for any swellings, discolorations, or asymmetry as she...

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Dental Materials

Have you ever wondered what’s in your fillings? We get asked this question every day from patients. Here’s a very introductory-level, brief explanation about our most common dental materials.

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Office Covid Policy Updates

With Covid cases dwindling and worldwide restrictions easing, we want to provide a quick update about our continued commitment to keep you safe from any communicable diseases during your dental visit at North Creek Family Dentistry.

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Meet Dr. Jill Smith

We are excited to welcome Dr. Jill Smith as she fills in for Dr. Alyssa Cattle while she is on maternity leave through May! Dr. Smith was raised outside of the small town of Elgin, NE. She attended Chadron State College for her undergraduate degree in Human Biology and then achieved her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She and her husband, Kevin, have been living in Lincoln for the past 8 years. She loves to be outdoors (when it’s warm out) doing...

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Children’s Appointments

Preparing for your child’s dental visit can be a difficult job if you don’t know what to expect. While each patient is unique and has different needs, this post outlines the general principals we use for different aged children to give you a better idea of what we will be doing with your child during their visit to North Creek Family Dentistry.

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