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Dr. Alyssa Cattle and her amazing team deliver high quality care in a comfortable, inviting environment. Our experienced team will make your experience at our office great!

cleaning and whitening

Looking to brighten your smile? We can help! Often, surface stains accumulate on teeth from things we eat or drink, like coffee, tea or pop, or from habits like smoking. These extrinsic stains can be removed during your hygiene visit when we clean your teeth. These stains will not be removed by your toothbrush or by bleaching, and require a professional cleaning. Keeping up with hygiene appointments at least once every six months will help you maintain your brightest smile.

Sometimes, stains can be intrinsic, or inside the tooth instead of on the surface. This kind of staining is usually due to a developmental abnormality while the teeth were forming or erupting, such as poor hygiene or taking certain medications or experiencing nutritional deficiencies. This type of staining requires more thorough diagnosis and treatment. Treatment often includes a combination of whitening teeth with custom made bleach trays that you use at home, and restorations to cover severely discolored areas. Your new patient exam will give us the information we need to determine how to help you achieve your brightest smile.

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our office

Our office is designed for patient comfort. The facility is full of windows and natural light. Our treatment rooms are spacious and private. We strive to make our office family friendly, and have a kid’s play area in the waiting room, changing table in the restroom, and quiet areas available. Stop by to take a tour at your convenience.

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Visiting our office is easy and convenient. Getting here and parking are simple. We will use the information you provide, including insurance information to do the research for you. We will break down your treatment plan by appointment, so there are no surprises. We have removed the obstacles between you and your dental care, so there’s no reason to delay!

Family Friendly

It’s important to take care of your little one’s teeth right from the start! Our office is designed to be comfortable for your family. As a team of parents ourselves, we all understand the challenges these appointments can be. We are happy to work with you to accommodate your child’s needs and make sure that they receive the best possible dental care too.

New Office

Our beautiful new facility offers many advantages, from spacious, private treatment rooms to the latest technology and updated equipment. Dr. Cattle and her team designed every aspect of the office, making it great from the waiting room to the clinic and beyond. We take pride in our home, and would love to give you a tour during your first visit.

Spanish Speaking

While our team is primarily English speaking, we have members who are bilingual in Spanish and English. If Spanish is a more comfortable language for you to communicate in, or if you’d like to multitask and brush up on your Spanish speaking skills while you visit us, we can help! Let us know your language preference and we will accommodate.

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Schedule your new patient appointment today! We are excited to meet you and learn about your unique dental background and treatment needs. We look forward to starting a lifelong positive relationship with you.

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