With Covid cases dwindling and worldwide restrictions easing, we want to provide a quick update about our continued commitment to keep you safe from any communicable diseases during your dental visit at North Creek Family Dentistry.

First, we are happy to say that our waiting room is open again! We do have seating areas spaced apart, and recommend still keeping your distance from other patients not visiting with you, as well as using our complimentary hand sanitizing stations as needed.

Per the most recent recommendations by the Nebraska Dental Association on May 19 and June 16, 2021, we are still requiring masks for all individuals visiting our office. Because we are healthcare providers, dental offices, like other medical offices in the area are still taking extra preventative measures to keep the community safe. Now that many vaccinated individuals are going out without masks, we understand if you forget to bring one with you. We are happy to provide you a mask to use if you don’t have one!

All of our staff members are fully vaccinated against Covid. We also continue to use our own personal protective equipment to keep staff members healthy. All staff wear masks whenever interacting with patients.

Our office is specifically designed not to allow spread of aerosols between patients. Our operatories are all individual rooms, and the door is closed during and after aerosol-generating procedures. We recently added a glass wall isolating our hygiene rooms to keep any aerosols generated during cleanings away from the rest of the office. All treatment rooms have an air purifier running with H-13 HEPA filters to help remove any contaminants prior to the doors being opened and the patient being dismissed.

We want everyone to feel safe and welcome at North Creek Family Dentistry. We feel confident we are able to provide beneficial dental care in a consistently clean environment. If you have questions or concerns about our Covid policies, please contact our office at 402-413-0505. We look forward to seeing you at your next dental visit!